The Acitivities

The Activities

The hostel offers a range of activities for guests to participate in, both on-site and off.


We will be running various tours and workshops including fruit and wood tours, cacao processing tours, ginger beer brewery tours, sunrise hikes, liqueur tastings, cooking classes, macrame, yoga and workout classes and much much more.

In the evenings we also have fun games and activities for anyone willing. For anyone who just wants to relax, we also have a very decent book collection to get through.


We have teamed up with the best tour operators in the area to guide you along the coast and see what else is on offer here. Guests can book some of the following at reception:

  • Horseriding tours
  • Tayrona National Park and Cabo de la Vela Tours
  • Tubing in Don Diego, Buritaca and Guachaca
  • Viewpoints and waterfalls
  • Paragliding
  • Indigenous village Tours
  • Palomino