The Hostel

The Hostel

The Cocktail Bar

The Bar is surrounded by a flowering garden and pergola where guests are able to enjoy a drink while watching the birds around them.
Our bar menu, amongst other things, consists of creative and original cocktails that use seasonal and local produce and in-house brewed liqueurs.

The Kitchen

Our kitchen is also the guest kitchen. It is an extensively equipped space for guests who love to cook, experiment and create wonderful things. Guests can pick herbs as they please to use when cooking.

We understand the art of cooking and would like to provide the perfect space for guests to explore this creativity.

The Tienda

The Tienda sells all the basics for cooking, and much more. Guests are able to purchase food to cook with including organic produce grown on the land as well as locally sourced produce.

We also sell our very own cacao (and hibiscus): grown, picked, fermented and dried all on the hostel grounds. You can also find non-food related goods, souvenirs from the region and other fun miscellaneous objects

The Deck

Our new hammock deck serves multiple purposes. Relax in front of one of the best views in the house, get a massage or take some downtime for yoga.