The Project

The Project

The building and running of the hostel is a dream centered around challenging oneself and learning. It is about accomplishing things that were never even on life’s list of accomplishments.

The main space of the hostel was a renovation of a 30 year old campesino house and the remaining structures were built from scratch. The idea is to explore and provide a lifestyle perfectly balanced between luxury and nature, between homeyness and travel.

Following the completion of the hostel, there are many future projects in motion. Reforestation and local education are closest to our hearts and the onsite shop offers the sale of vintage clothing and items in order to support these feats financially.

One of the most important aspects of the project is to share this space of paradise with others, as a space free of emissions or negative impact on nature. Being environmentally friendly is a prerequisite and being off-grid is a benefit.

Workshops will include photography, bartending, macrame, carpentry, accounting and language classes.

Anyone can donate and 100% of sales and donations will be privately invested into providing university grants for local youth. The hostel will also offer workshops, open for attendance by guests and locals.

The Fort will always serve the local community in thanks to the extraordinary welcome that has been received.