The Project

The Project

Apart from the constant improvement of the hostel and its grounds, we are involved in other projects with the local community. The goal is to help the town of Guandolo to improve the living conditions and education for the local inhabitants and also to open paths of tourism to help support them.

The town has plans to open the path to the beach for all and build a pedestrian bridge, to open a beautiful hiking path that takes you from ground level to the highest peak of the area, showcasing stunning scenery and sensational nature en route.

We would also like to help secure a medical centre and a local town hall and introduce extra curriculum classes in the English language. And perhaps one of the projects closest to our hearts: turtle-hatching protection projects. The local beach is particularly sacred in that it hosts up to 4 different species of turtle that come in season to give birth.

The idea is to educate the community and tourists to protect and enjoy this beautiful phenomenon. The hostel has a charity vintage shop, from which 100% of profits go to the local community to support them in these projects. We also take donations for this shop. If you would like to make a donation of any kind please get in touch with us directly through the WhatsApp button.

One of the most important aspects of the project is to share this space of paradise with others, as a space free of emissions or negative impact on nature. Being environmentally friendly is a prerequisite and being off-grid is a benefit.

The Fort will always serve the local community in thanks to the extraordinary welcome that has been received.